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PandoraSmall Download no longer available.

Use Pandora as an application which can reside in the system tray or taskbar without needing to run a separate web browser.


  • Integrated menu bar! The old menu was a button with a menu that dropped down. This has been changed to what you would normally expect in a Windows application.
  • Standard Window chrome including title bar and window controls!
  • Notification Icon for when you don’t want Pandora Small to appear in the task bar but you want it in the system tray. Clicking this will make the window appear no matter what! (This was a bug that was fixed from the old version.)
  • Automatic Updates! Now checks for updates automatically when you first start the application. It will notify you if a new update is available and (if you want it to update) will automatically update it for you!
  • Startup time improvements!
  • Loading screen while the page loads.
  • New Icon! (:-P I am excited about it)
  • Automatic saving of preferences
  • Full screen mode to log into different accounts

Last Update: (1/5/2011)

  • Preferences now automatically saved
    • Always on top state
    • Show in taskbar state
    • Window location
  • New full screen mode allows logging in to different accounts. Active with the maximize button.
  • Support link now goes to this page.
  • Removed the support link the start menu (for new installations only)

Things Removed:

  • Transparency – it sounded better than it actually was.
  • Screensaver mode – it was fun at the time…
  • Menu when right-clicking the notification icon
  • The ability to not have a title bar -I can add the ability to do this again if someone wants it, but it has some interesting consequences.
  • The long “checking requirements” startup procedure